Are you ready to take a deep dive into YOUR type?

Are you ready to take a deep dive into YOUR type?

I have a lot to share with you.


In a one hour Zoom call together we will get crystal clear on all 4 of your dichotomies:

* Extrovert and Introversion *
* Sensing and Intuition *
* Thinking and Feeling *
* Judging and Perceiving *

And of course what all that means!

I will put my therapist hat on so we can discuss...

How is your past affecting you today?

We can talk about how your past family, relationships, and/or work history might be affecting your type today and how you show up in the world!

How can you improve your relationships by knowing your type?

We can discuss your relationships and how your types (same or opposite) might be causing problems. Learn how to communicate MUCH more effectively based on your type.


I can show you how to explain to your partner EXACTLY who you are. Also, how to speak your partner's language.

What career is right for your type?

I will advise you on the right career for your unique type.

We will get clear on your Front Seat, the two things you should be doing in this world to make more money, be happier, make your life EASIER and more in flow….every day!



And, we'll get clear on what you suck at and should NOT be doing! 

And how those things you suck at are stressing you out and causing you to jump into the backseat and become the worst version of yourself…the Baby in the Backseat!


Learning this will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!


A personal understanding of your backseat and learning what to do about it and HOW to get you into your Front Seat is PRICELESS!

And because I want this time together to be completely transformational for you (which is absolutely will be) I am throwing in a personalized and official MBTI ($97 value).

Private Deep Dive Type Session


I have VERY limited spots available each month so book yours today!

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