Hey there creative and visionary intuitive!

I see you and I'm glad you landed here!

Here's the deal my friend, and I wish I would have known this when I started my business many years ago, there are two VERY important factors when starting and growing your business!

1.  There are stages!  Stages that MUST be built in order for it to be sustainable.  I like to think of it as building a house.  As intuitive types we want to do all the fun stuff like buy throw pillows before we have built the foundation for all those cute decorations ... and it doesn't work!  Therefore I have created a proven 8 stage process that will be the blueprint you need to build a long term, sustainable, and profitable business

I KNOW these 8 Stages work because they worked for me and thousands of my clients and I want you to have it for FREE!

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2.  There is a DIFFERENT and SPECIFIC way for us creative and visionary intuitive entrepreneur’s to start and grow our businesses! There is stuff you suck at that you are going to have to address, work through, hire out, etc in order to make this a living, not a hobby....and I will show you exactly what those things are and exactly who you need to hire and when!

Are you an Intuitive? When we deliver your success path we'll also give you a link to our personality assessment which will tell you your type.
Jessica Butts is The Type Queen 👑 , Successful Entrepreneur and Creator of Front Seat Life, #truthteller, author of“Don’t Do Stuff You Suck At”, ENFJ, former psychotherapist, sassy F Bomb 💣dropper and affectionately known at Jessica “Kick” Butts because she likes to keep it real!
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